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Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI) is a 10-session series that reorganize the body in the field of gravity. Working the body as a whole from Left to Right, Top to Bottom and Inside and Out with Safe Touch, Safe Movement and Education.

During the sessions we work with the fascial system and teach your body what is structurally correct so you can maintain the changes that were created.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a connective tissue that supports the structure of the body from head to toe. It surrounds all the structures in the body - muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones, veins, arteries, organs and nerves.

The layers of fascia should glide on each other, with injuries and chronic stress on the system the layers adhere and stick to each other, altering free movement and optimal function.

Goals of Structural Integration

The goals of SI are to produce a more resilient, higher energy system and to establish balanced relationships in gravity. When we are balanced, gravity travels through our center rather than pulling on various points in the body.

A person who has been structurally integrated will experience better adaptability to stress, increased flexibility, improved bio-mechanics, graceful, more fluid and effortless movement, increased energy, and greater self-awareness. A body that is rigid and poorly balanced lacks resilience.

A body that is flexible and in dynamic relationship with its environment bends with stress, and springs back like a blade of grass.

In The Treatment of...

Sports injuries

Enhanced athletic performance

Old injuries 1 year or longer

Repetitive strain injuries

Muscle imbalances

Chronic tension, Posture Scoliosis

Acute and Chronic pain, Optimizes general health and well-being

And more…

For Children...

Rolled in shoulders, winged shoulder blades

Club feet, pigeon toes

Knocked knees, Young athletes and Injuries

And more…

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